About Us

Don't have the necessary skills in-house? Hire our brain power to solve your toughest IT challenges. Whether you need assistance for an hour or a year, our highly capable consultants will help you resolve any IT need.

Our company provides strategic planning for people, process and technologies in and around the data center. We take a holistic approach by assessing data center assets and processes in the context of your business requirements, and provide analysis, and actionable advice rooted in your goals, objectives, and mission.

Think of us as the architect you hire before building or renovating a home. A 10% investment up front can save many times that amount in expensive resources waste, delays, or cost overruns. Brains 4 Rent allows customers to stay focused on their business and functional goals. We have provided virtualization/consolidation assessments, business continuity, disaster recovery planning, ITIL consulting and process improvement, data center optimization, data protection and storage assessments and other IT strategic planning services. Our company has successfully streamlined processes and improved the technological vision and strategy for our customers while reducing risks and costs.

Brains 4 Rent knows the challenges of managing dynamic data center environments and the importance of business continuity. We apply our experience in selecting compatible and complementary technologies to solve problems. Our IT consulting services can illustrate this through the return on investment and lowered total cost of ownership you'll experience with our help.